On our CONCAMO® Marketing Cooperation we made a short movie. The team gears up and will shoot at a tank with the RGW 110 by Dynamit Nobel Defence.

Special Forces destroy Tank – Short Movie – Tactical Gear in Action

A team of specialized men prepares their equipment. They have flashbangs, guns and camouflage gear. They moved to the area of operation and build an OP. They spot a tank and enter a building to have a good firering position to destroy the tank. Short movie from our marketing cooperation in october 2021. We had high quality tactical gear from our partners. The military kit is in the camouflage pattern CONCAMO.

– Kon

Some of the gear and equipment we had:
Act in Black: Night vision goggles
md-textil: Tactical gear
Rheinmetall: Laser and light, flashbangs and grenades
Lowa: Tactical Boots
GHOSTHOOD: Camouflage equipment
ATC: Sig Sauer rifles and pistols
Dynamit Nobel: Anti tank rocket launcher RGW110
TAGS: Tactical rappel anchors

Main focus of the cooperation was the creation of high quality pictures with a lot of amazing gear. Pictures will soon be shown on Instagram, SPARTANAT and by our partners themself.

If you would like your company to be part of this cooperation, please send us an email to: info@concamo.com