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CONCAMO® is a unique camouflage system based on perceptual psychology
Its unsurpassed performance is based on naturally occurring shapes, which were catalogued and evaluated meticulously over the course of many years, and are included in abstract forms in the CONCAMO© pattern.

CONCAMO® consists of 25 superimposed layers which create a “chaotic illusion”. The subconscious is overwhelmed by the camouflage pattern and begins to discern natural shapes in it. Through this overload, the relay of relevant information to the conscious mind is either stopped or significantly delayed.

CONCAMO® produces camouflage fabrics for premium manufacturers; according to MilSpec, with IR-colors.



CONCAMO® BELIEVES THat the MARKET-available camouflage solutions are not effective enough for the professional user.

The development of CONCAMO®‘s proto-patterns already began in 1992 and was constantly refined until CONCAMO® in 2017 was confident that the current stage presented the desired solution. The final breakthrough was achieved through the application of modern scientific approaches derived from perceptual psychology.

The creator of CONCAMO® had already been working on camouflage solutions and their effectiveness before his military career in a Special Forces unit. During his active duty there, he perfected his approach to concealment, recognized possibilities for improvement and applied all into the development of CONCAMO®, so professionals would have a no-compromise solution.

From the very beginning, CONCAMO® has been designed as a family of camouflage patterns, which currently consists of 8 patterns.

CONCAMO® closely cooperates with certified suppliers of the German Armed Forces in order to guarantee highest material quality and smooth logistics.

  • In March 2018, CONCAMO® premiered at IWA trade show with its CONCAMO® Green pattern
  • The first German federal government SF unit adopted CONCAMO® Green even before the market launch
  • Since August 2018, CONCAMO® Green has been available for the general public
  • Since its launch, multiple government users have adopted CONCAMO® Green for official use and rely on its performance in their active service.
  • In March 2019, CONCAMO® Brown as the second pattern was revealed at IWA. Market launch August 2019
  • In January 2021, CONCAMO® Beige was launched.


CONCAMO® Green is the universal camo pattern of the CONCAMO® pattern family. This variation achieves a very good to excellent camouflage effect in a wide range of green-brown areas.

A good camouflage pattern is always a compromise and an “universal” pattern an even bigger one. CONCAMO® Green has solved the task and “IT WORKS”.



CONCAMO® Brown was specifically developed for the European and North American fall and winter forest, as well as for drylands with a higher red content in their natural environment.

The contour of the user is effectively blurred out by the pattern, even on low-growing, dry meadows, achieving a level of stealth previously known only from ghillie suits.



CONCAMO® Beige was specifically developed for drylands with a higher beige content in their natural environment.

Even in alpine and urban environments, this pattern is effective.



CONCAMO® places great emphasis on uncompromising quality. Therefore, production takes place in Germany and all parameters are based on the specifications of the German Bundeswehr (TL).

  • CONCAMO® makes no compromise when it comes to IR performance, which is why the inside of the uniform fabric is printed with an infrared signature-reducing ink.
  • Professional users can rely on the promise that CONCAMO® will always stand for IR camouflage


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of camouflage patterns and the CONCAMO® system, the developer of CONCAMO® is able to create new designs of fully functional camouflage patterns for large customers and government users, matching their specific needs and requirements.

These designs are guaranteed to perform excellent in the visual as well as the infrared range and that they can be patented by the client.

In addition to new designs, already existing customer-specific patterns can be improved and performance-enhanced by CONCAMO®. This approach offers the opportunity to maintain a distinctive and familiar appearance while significantly increasing camouflage effectiveness