Today we made a photoshooting to see how well the camouflage suits by GHOSTHOOD perform in infrared (IR) colors compared to a conventional “3D leaf suit”. For this we used a modified DSLR with a 950nm IR filter.
At first let’s take a look at both products in visible light.

Conventional 3D suit(l.) vs GHOSTHOOD Suit.

Here you can already see some advantages of the Ghost-Hoodie: It covers your face + hands and the design allows covering the legs to avoid shadow. The Ghost-Legs do also cover your feet/boots.
But now to 950nm IR:

Conventional Suit(l.) vs. Ghosthood Suit. In 950nm IR.

You can see how reflective this “cheap” suit is compared to the IRR print on GHOSTHOOD products. And now take a look at the vegetation.

But what is it all about? Humans can’t see IR spectrum, so why do we decide to produce our fabrics with this IRR colors?

  • Military/LE: Opponents can use night vision devices to see at night. These devices do also see the infrared light. So the IR picture you see above can be compared to a night vision picture.
  • Hunting/Wildlife: Animals often see a wider spectrum than the human eye. Some of them even see infrared und ultraviolet. So to them a suit, that reflects a lot of IR will look brighter and therfore not as well camouflages as for our human eyes.