On our way to the final camo print we made some differen variations. The internet offers a lot of different pictures and names combined with CONCAMO®. This post is to clarify what CONCAMO® prints are out there at the moment of this post.
The pattern itself is the same. Only the colors are different.
Some pictures in webshops and articles by third parties possibly do not name the correct pattern of the pictures used.

Current patterns

CONCAMO® Green (Gen 2)
Our green pattern for environments with a lot of green. This pattern has got more contrast and stronger greens than Green Gen 1. On the uniform fabric the backside is a light green. The addition ‘Generation 2’ is not longer used, since it fully replaced it’s oly version in September 2020. Only products in Gen1 are marked as such.

Concamo Green Gen 2

CONCAMO® Brown (Gen 2)
The brown pattern for european autumn or brown deserts. It also has got more contrast than Brown Gen 1. No major GHOSTHOOD® products were made in CONCAMO® Brown Gen 1. All of them are already Gen 2. Also Cordura was only printed in CONCAMO® Brown Gen2. The addition ‘Gen 2’ is not used in products.

CONCAMO® Brown Gen 2

It’s the beige pattern for bright desert environment. It also works good in some alpine and urban environments. It’s just as new as the Gen 2 of Brown and Green. It was firt available in 2021.


This pattern originally comes from an early prototype print from our CONCAMO® Green Generation 1. We used this for contrast elements on bigger products like the Recon-Net or Camo-Net.
Later we noticed, that in dark autumn, night or wet conditions, this pattern even performs well, when used as a conventional camo pattern. So we started to offer some products in CONCAMO® Dark in early 2022.

CONCAMO® Dark (from late 2021)

Old patterns

CONCAMO® Green Gen 1
The print, that hit the market in 2018. All Ghosthood products have been sold in this pattern first. The aim was a universal pattern. It’s close to Concamo Brown Gen 2, but greener.
The uniform fabric in Gen 1 was beige on the inside. In September 2020 we started to replace this pattern by its new generation.

CONCAMO® Green Gen 1

CONCAMO® Brown Gen 1
Orange-brown toned print for autumn. It was presented at IWA 2019. We only made uniform fabric in this color. The backside is beige unicolor. No major GHOSTHOOD® products were made in this pattern. And no Cordura Fabric was printed in CONCAMO® Brown Gen1.

CONCAMO® Brown Gen 1

A early prototype print of the CONCAMO® pattern. We made prototypes of our first products before the launch of CONCAMO® Green (Gen1) and later products like strips, 3-leafes etc.


CONCAMO® Dark (short period in late 2021)
An improvement of the older Concamo® Dark. It was only used for some contrast elements on bigger products. Some remaining fabric was cut and sold as Crush-Fabric in late 2022.
For 2022 we made a darker Version of the CONCAMO® Dark. Information to this can be found above.

CONCAMO® Dark2021

CONCAMO® Dark (until late 2021)
A early prototype print of the CONCAMO® pattern. The dark tone worked well in autumn. We even made some prototypes in this dark print. But later we stared to use it for contrast-elements on camo nets as well as for strips and 3-leafs.
In late 2021 we made a new Version of the CONCAMO® Dark. Information to this can be found above.