Masked men in camouflage clothing with modern nylon gear and camouflaged vehicles move through the training area. The weapons are modern assault rifles with high end lasers and lights. When the night drops, they will use the thermal and night vision devices. Combined with the optics and infrared lasers they would hit a target even in pitch black nights. For targets at long range the snipers with ghillie suits and powerfull sniper rifles could shoot at long distance. They are equipped with a ballistic computer with integrated laser range finder. But for a massive amount of fire support, there is nothing better than a gatling gun. Watch the video to get a impression of what you just read.

This is the trailer from our latest marketing cooperation. We gathered different companies to create a massive amount of high quality pictures. We do these shootings regularly and are always open to new opportunities. Fokus is the realistic and professional appearance of the generated media. Our partner companies can use these files for marketing in print and web. Or just use this to promote a product.

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Andres Industries, Dillon Aero Inc., Ghosthood, Lowa, md-textil, Poltec, Protection Group Denmark, Rheinmetall and Theon