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Marketing Cooperation

We believe that the existing European image and film material of the defense industry are not living up to the available possibilities.

With our continous publications we have proven that we can produce unique pictures and films through as well as effictively organize and enhance collaboration synergies.

The aim is to have several defense technology companies involved in a marketing cooperation, participate and carry out regular photo shoots in different areas.

Together we can advertise products from clothing to vehicles in conjunction which leads to a variety of benefits for all parties involved.

The first advantage for the companies involved is, that the planning is carried out by CONCAMO® and thus their own workload is minimized. The cooperation model also only creates a fraction of the costs which normally would have to be paid for photo/video shoots. The participating companies receive scene images and product images for their own advertising and can reduce the existing advertising expenditure. In addition, the partners can commission films with their own CI.

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Companies we already work(ed) with:
Act in Black, Andres Defence, Armored Car Systems,  ATC, Dillon Aero, DSR-Precision, Dynamit Nobel Defence, Ghosthood, HK, IEA Mil Optics, Lowa Professional, md-textil, MEN, Protection Group Danmark, W+R, Rheinmetall, SFC, TAGS Group, Theon Sensors.

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